Studio Mission Project

I still cannot believe the day has finally come!! Brandon and I have FINALLY finished reupholstering/refinishing an 1890’s couch for the new studio :) Although the studio renovations are not completed yet (almost there!!) … I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off our shoulders!! When we first spotted this beautiful piece on UsedVictoria 4 weeks ago, we knew it would be a great investment and we instantly fell in love with it. If it wasn’t for Brandon, I don’t think  I would have had the patience to completely strip all the horse hair, hay, springs, multiple layers of stain, nails and 50,000 staples off this thing, but we did it!

… we are currently working on another vintage piece of furniture for the studio as well … I think my diet coke addiction is kicking into full swing with these projects!!! We’ll keep you posted though!


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  • Leah

    Love it!! my jaw actually dropped!It looks amazing you guys, what a great job!

  • Karen Frost

    My jaw dropped as well. That is absolutely beautiful…well done.

  • Andrew Fry

    There isn’t anything you two cannot do … awesome … and congrats … try and take a break on June 12 Eve … join us with Andrew Smith @ Brantley’s

  • Amy

    WOW .. You truly are a rockstar!

  • Courtney Clarke

    Wow! That looks incredible! Love, love, love it! Great work Ashley (and hubby)! You two make a great team!