Sean & Courtney | Arbutus Ridge Wedding

Well Ashley is letting me do a blog write up again…. That’s twice in one year.  You know what that means?? Awkward, inappropriate comments coupled with dry sarcastic humor that no one gets….  =) To be honest, she is sitting right beside me drinking a glass of wine and listening to the soundtrack from “Pirates of the Caribbean.” which leads me to Sean and Courtney = )

Court, as her sisters call her, is one of a trio of sisters born on the same day. That’s right, 3 gorgeous bridesmaidal triplets…. (new word “Bridesmaidal”) . Sean, I have to say, you are one good looking hunk of man meat yourself.. Said from one incredibly good looking man to another =)

If Sean and Courtney’s wedding was narrated by Morgan Freeman, it would go a little something like this:  Once upon a time, in a town, on an island, in an ocean, in a land far far away…. Sound like a Disney movie?  So did their ceremony:) The best part was when they marched down the isle to the soundtrack of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

One thing that we really loved about this wedding was that Sean and Courtney decided to do a first look and all their photos before the ceremony. This is a great idea that Ashley and I always suggest to our couples. It just makes for a more relaxing, less hectic day and eliminates the awkward waiting period between the ceremony and reception when the guests are usually told to fend for themselves, hit up a bar, or “walk it off” while the bridal party takes pictures for 2 or 3 hours. If this is not for you, that is perfectly ok as well.  Ashley and I opted not to do a first look at our wedding. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable with.  The Parliament buildings also provide a beautiful place to take photos. The many overhangs and walkways shelter on wet and sunny days and the architecture gives a classic feel to images.

Ashley and I wish you both all the happiness and love in your new beginning.

Courtney made a special trip to Paris to purchase her shoes, no lie. They were beautiful = )Yay Lashes!!! … it was our first time working with Jen from Jen Clark Makeup Artistry and she was amazing.

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  • pam

    All I can say is WOW!! You captured the day perfectly. I love the flowers, the shoes, backgrounds and that dress …so beautiful!! Fabulous job as always! Pam