Kabalan & Elisabeth | Bear Mountain Wedding

LIGHT WRITING!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! These two were brave enough to head out into the darkness at the end of the night on their wedding day. I loved when Elisabeth first mentioned to us how excited she was to try it out … we were so stoked!!  Kabalan and Elisabeth are two of the most friendly, loving people you will ever meet. I will never forget the morning at the salon when Elisabeth told me she never wanted the day to end, I wish I could have made the day longer, it goes by waaay to fast!! The day was beautiful and Bear Mountain put out the most amazing display of culinary goodness I have ever seen. I mean this food was GOOOOD… I don’t often get so excited about photographing dinner but it was AMAZING :) The last picture is actually Brandon swinging a fireball behind Kabalan and Elisabeth. What you don’t see is Brandon stomping out the burning embers just after the 10 second exposure. We did learn our lesson a week earlier experimenting this method on my brother and his girlfriend, Leah in the park.  Sorry Leah, I’m sure your hair will grow back soon…:) Congratulations Kabalan and Elisabeth!!  Happy Friday!!!


Amazing Vendors:

Makeup: Rose Stewart

Hair: Christopher Lawry, Lavish Salon

Venue: Bear Mountain