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My mom has always loved gardening, I swear she is in her yard all year round. Especially in the summer time, rain or shine, my mom is in her glory amongst shrubs, roses, bees, weeds … you name it. She’d rather be in the garden than anywhere else (yes dad, golfing will always come second … he thought after they bought a couples membership it might tempt her out of the garden  …. he was wrong!). It’s no surprise to find clippers, garden notes and an empty glass of wine in her flower beds. She eats, breathes and lives the garden! My mom works hard as a registered nurse and finds, after a long shift, she is out in that garden until dark. It’s no doubt she finds it both therapeutic and rewarding.  Clearly, the gardener’s gene was never passed down onto me … not even a house plant survives under my watch .. although my bamboo tree is doing quite well. Did I mention it is one of the hardest plants to kill?

Arrangement time :)My mom picked flowers from her garden and made every bouquet and centerpiece at our wedding, we were extremely lucky!! The shot of us below was taken by our amazing wedding photographer, Eunice Montenegro :)

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  • Andrew

    mmmm … fuschia … favorite food of garden gnomes … and color of bridesmaid dresses.