Boogie Boarding | The Scorpion

It was the second day of our trip and Brandon and I decided to spend a morning at Makena Beach (aka Big Beach). Without-a-doubt, this was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Not one pebble, rock or piece of seaweed in sight … just crystal clear water and the finest white sand. We could see a massive wave coming in and I’ve never seen Brandon so excited to run out and catch it. I had my camera on me so I decided it would be cool to catch a few shots of him on top of the huge wave … little did I know the wave would pick him up like a rag doll and spit him into the shore. The next day we hit up the beach again and a lifegaurd had stopped to warn us of the high waves breaking on the shore and to be careful boogie boarding. He told us that someone had been rushed to the hospital with a back injury that day … he called it the scorpion … hmmm, I have a feeling that was the same move Brandon pulled the day before …. what do you think?

… we should have read the signs

  • auntie wendy

    I love the pic of Brandon inside the wave . I have to see this camera of yours a play a bit with it Ash.

  • Jen

    We found a beach today with HUGE waves!!! definitely knocked me over a few times, and I wasn’t even boogie boarding! you might want to make sure you don’t wear a bandeau bikini, turns out they don’t stay on so well!! Next trip to Maui, we’ll take you guys to this beach :)

  • Andrew Fry

    Scorpion Fry … hmmm … I like it.

  • Nadine Speller

    Hahahahah I love it totally know what that feels like, the waves just keep coming too hey? I love the one of Brandon, it is fabulous. Miss you and I think you are amazing !!